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Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Price Brix 65 For Daily Sell

We are announcing the daily selling price of pomegranate concentrate with Brix 65. We supply and produce pomegranate concentrates in the markets of India, the Philippines, South Korea, as well as international stores. Pomegranate Concentrate refers to fresh, healthy and clear natural pomegranate juice that is concentrated in standard factory conditions and its brix reaches 65%.

One of the Fruit Juice Concentrate Suppliers in Iran have produced bulk fruit juice suppliers.

Get to know the vitamins in pomegranate juice:

Vitamin C 11
Vitamin B1 0.02
Vitamin B2 0.03
Beta Carotene 0.71

Pomegranate is grown in parts of Iran that have made the following concentrates more famous:

Yazd Pomegranate Concentrate
Saveh Pomegranate Concentrate
Neyriz Pomegranate Concentrate
Kashmar Pomegranate Concentrate
Shiraz Pomegranate Concentrate
Urmia Pomegranate Concentrate
Isfahan Pomegranate Concentrate

Pomegranate juice concentrate price

What is Pomegranate Concentrate?

Many of you dear customers have a question, what is pomegranate concentrate?

For many years, customers from other countries used the purchase of fresh Iranian pomegranates to produce a variety of drinks with pomegranate flavor and properties. However, despite the breakdown rate of pomegranate, like any other fresh fruit and its higher maintenance cost, the pomegranate concentrate industry was established in Iran for the first time. The producer of pomegranate concentrate is trying to produce an organic product from concentrated pomegranate juice.

This process is carried out under industrial and hygienic control with the latest production method in the factory of Parsfaravar Company.

When we take a look at the list of beverage manufacturers, we see that 99% of them are based on the production process of different types of fruit concentrates.

In fact, much of today’s fruit juice production is concentrated in factories.

Many fruit concentrate factories may produce fruit juices. But some important points have made all these factories unreliable.

Concentration temperature and duration and method of de-watering as well as filtration are of special importance for the following types of fruit concentrates:

  • Apple Concentrate
  • White Grape Concentrate
  • Pineapple Concentrate
  • Pomegranate Concentrate
  • Date Concentrate
  • Cantaloupe Concentrate
  • Sour lemon concentrate
  • Peach Concentrate

The greatest effect of these factors is on the transparency of the fruit concentrate.

Pomegranate juice concentrate price

Sale of export pomegranate concentrate

Of course, it should be noted that the sale of export pomegranate concentrate in Iran, due to the large number of orders for it, is an integration of all these concentrates.

We produce the best export pomegranate concentrate to the customer’s order with the Brix he needs. This requires a commission to produce a commission.

Pomegranate juice wholesale is for below factories:

  • Confectionery
  • Juice Making
  • Jam making
  • Fruit leather
  • Marmalade
  • Syrup making
  • Drinking
  • Dairy production

Pomegranate concentrate export packaging

Export packaging can be done at the request of the customer and the distance and weather conditions between the origin and destination for the customer in the following cases:

Spastic bag packaging in 265 kg metal barrels
Packing of a spastic design bag in a 265 kg metal barrel
Non-spastic double layer packaging in 265 kg metal barrels
25 kg gallon packaging

Pomegranate concentrate sellers who own the plant usually offer pomegranate concentrate in a 5-layer spastic bag pack. However, other sellers also use the following packaging to sell pomegranate concentrate:

  • 20 liter pomegranate pomegranate concentrate
  • 60 liter pomegranate pomegranate concentrate

Due to the increase in the volume of orders from customers and buyers of Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate, the sale of Pomegranate Concentrate is sold in a 5-layer spastic bag package in a metal barrel.

Bulk fruit juice suppliers in production season produce many mounts of pomegranate juice concentrate. We palatalized metal barrels and load them in RC ( refrigerator container )

Pomegranate juice concentrate price

Purchase price of pomegranate concentrate

The purchase price of pomegranate concentrate for customers has tried to fluctuate less to help stabilize the national production of other pomegranate products.

However, we have used the price of sales on this site to communicate by phone with the business manager to be the best and fastest solution for direct sales.

Parsfaravar Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Price

In October, 2018, we will sell pomegranate concentrate at an extraordinary price of 1.9 $ per kilogram. (At other times, call the business manager and ask about the daily price of pomegranate concentrate.)

Meanwhile, the price of Parsfaravar Export Pomegranate Concentrate was initially set at 2.1 $ per kilogram in 2020.

The Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Price can be inquired by phone from the commercial manager.

Accurate knowledge of pomegranate concentrate seller

Pomegranate juice concentrate price

I am Mostafa Rashidi, Business Trading Manager of Parsfaravar Company. It is necessary to mention about pomegranate concentrate that every year we have one of the specialized factories in terms of designing machines to produce pomegranate concentrate full time and we produce more than 32 thousand tons of pomegranate concentrate annually.

Since pomegranate is one of the native products of Iran and has many properties, it is better to know the seller of pomegranate concentrate before buying.

Unfortunately, there are many customers who buy a pomegranate concentrate barrel and turn it into water-based gallons for greater profitability.

Today, many pomegranate concentrate sellers in Iran may even claim to sell exported pomegranate concentrate! Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate Product by receiving the pre-purchase analysis and then receiving the official and reliable invoice.

At this point, I need to emphasize that, dear customers, please purchase Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate directly from us and we will not approve any other Pomegranate Concentrate Seller.

Remarkable buyer of pomegranate concentrate

Purchaser of pomegranate concentrate To produce the following products, you can use this organic product, which is the result of dewatering, purification and concentration of pomegranates in Saveh, Shiraz, Yazd, etc.:

  • Natural pomegranate juice
  • Pomegranate Syrup
  • Pomegranate paste
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate coating and ice cream coating
  • Pomegranate Fruit-roll

Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate Product is sent to you, dear ones, in the packaging of a spastic bag and in the weight of 265 kg with the packaging of a metal barrel.

You can get the analysis of Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate from the following file:

The best pomegranate concentrate in Iran

Which factory produces the best pomegranate concentrate in Iran? The question for many buyers and traders is which city should sell pomegranate to export pomegranate concentrate to other countries. Know that the best solution for safe shopping is to buy from reputable centers that will clearly tell you what quality of pomegranate concentrate is intended for you.

Pomegranate pomegranate concentrate, Saveh pomegranate concentrate, Urmia pomegranate concentrate are names that may be familiar to you. But we would like to recommend you to have a direct telephone connection with the reputable sales centers of Iran Pomegranate Concentrate Market.

The buyer of pomegranate concentrate should know that it is very important to match the received analysis with the desired product.

Tehran Pomegranate Concentrate Sales Agency

Parsfaravar Trading Office located in Tehran is equipped to receive orders and plan to send orders.

Dear customers, in connection with the experts of Parsfaravar Company, after receiving the Proforma and the agreement to deposit the transaction amount, you can receive the Tehran Pomegranate Concentrate by sending it from the company’s warehouse from the city.

Dear customer, the cost of transporting the product from the warehouse to the customer’s place of receipt is the responsibility of the dear customer.

Since the planning of exporting pomegranate concentrate is also delayed from the office in Tehran, in order to sell pomegranate concentrate to the customers of the concentrate with two types of color quality, the appearance has been considered.

In the production season, according to the type of black pomegranate or red pomegranate that is used, the type of pomegranate concentrate color of Parsfaravar Company can be provided to customers with that request.

Due to the volume of orders for the sale of Parsfaravar Pomegranate Concentrate, in case of ordering the bulk pomegranate juice, thank you in advance for your patience.

Pomegranate juice concentrate price

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