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Buy Iranian fruit concentrate for making fruit leather

To buy Iranian fruit concentrate, which is used for the production of desserts, juice making, confectionery and chocolate making, ice cream making, etc., it is enough to read this site and then contact the sales experts by phone and place an order.

The price of each kilogram of fruit concentrate on this website is announced through the trade of Parsfaravar Company. This industrial fruit production company is currently the largest producer of fruit puree and fruit concentrate in Iran for export and domestic market.

Fruit leather Transformation Industries, Jam, Paste, Cake Sauce and Ice Cream Pancakes are among the customers of this company. Buy fruit concentrate from these industries are negotiating with Business unit of Parsfaravar Co.

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Producer of fruit concentrates

The producer of fruit concentrate, wherever there are areas with the potential to produce fruit in bulk, is very profitable and leads to entrepreneurship. Fruit concentrate suppliers are producing in season of harvesting fresh fruits. Frozen Fruit concentrate after producing are keeping by stainless steel tanks of factories. With costumers orders packing fruit juice concentrate in aseptic bags and put them in metal barrels.

Get to know some of the best-selling fruit concentrates in Iran:

  • Lemon concentrate
  • Grape Concentrate (red grape & white grape)
  • Apple Concentrate
  • Cantaloupe Concentrate
  • Sour Cherry concentrate
  • Red plums concentrate
  • Mulberry concentrate
  • Strawberry Concentrate
  • Orange concentrate
  • Date concentrate
  • Pomegranate concentrate

There are many fruit concentrate production factories in Iran that produce more than 100 tons of fruit concentrate every year. These fruit juice concentrates are confirmed of food standards.

The quality of the fruit concentrate is more important than the name of the manufacturer. Today, Parsfaravar is a well-known name in the industry of fruit concentrate, fruit puree, etc.

Natural fruit juice compounds are usually fruit concentrates or fruit purees with some additives such as fructose syrup, sugar, pectin, citric acid, malic acid, etc.

buy fruit concentrate

Here are some of the most common types of fruit puree:

  • Apple puree
  • Plums puree
  • Apricot puree
  • White peach puree
  • Saffron peach puree
  • Mango puree
  • Banana puree
  • Strawberry puree
  • Mulberry puree
  • Tomato paste

The method of preparing fruit concentrate also consists of several general processes:

  1. Washing
  2. First step filtration
  3. Fruit Press
  4. Filtration
  5. Cooking and concentrating fruit
  6. Separating tartarated acids (for grapes)

Of course, different steps can be added for each fruit.

Fruit concentrate and fruit puree factories

buy fruit concentrate

When you look at the list of juice making factories, you will find that the production of industrial fruits such as fruit puree, fruit concentrate, fruit pulp and fruit aroma is important. There are many factories producing fruit concentrate and fruit puree, which are always open from the export of fruit concentrate and fruit puree due to the poor quality of products.

You may know the names of many factories, but you should not be optimistic about all of them because you have never traded with them.

Mixing occurs in some products every year, and this causes many buyers to heat up the fruit concentrate to work with the factory for future orders.

But what is the solution?

Traders specializing in industrial fruits with independent technical experts and supervisors located in the factories of apple concentrate, grape concentrate, etc. offer their products for sale. It is worth buying with a little higher figure than to buy bad and low quality goods at a loss.

The sale of Parsfaravar fruit concentrate in Tehran has solved many problems today.

Many factories that produce custom-made juices of foreign brands in Iran are very valuable customers for Parsfaravar, and other factories producing fruit leather, juice, ice cream, etc. also improve the quality of Parsfaravar fruit concentrate and fruit puree. They can see.

Buy fruit concentrate, fruit pulp and fruit puree for juice making and dessert making

buy fruit concentrate

For many customers of Parsfaravar Trading, the question is what is fruit puree?

Fruit puree is the result of washing, kernelling, crushing the fruit and cooking it at low temperature for a specific time.

Selling cold Iranian fruit puree is also very attractive for the export market to other countries.

The purchase of Iranian orange pulp is also very popular for the production of Rani, Sunstar and Sun ich juices.

A seller of Iranian pomegranate concentrate offers its products in a variety of qualities. Clear pomegranate concentrate juice also produces good quality pomegranate juice.

List of Parsfaravar fruit products

For information about the list of Parsfaravar fruit juice products, know:

  • White grape concentrate
  • Red grape concentrate
  • Pomegranate concentrate
  • Apple Concentrate
  • Lemon concentrate
  • Sour cherry concentrate
  • Grapefruit concentrate
  • Pineapple concentrate
  • Orange concentrate
  • Date Concentrate
  • Cantaloupe Concentrate
  • Plum concentrate
  • Strawberry Concentrate
  • Strawberry puree
  • Apple puree
  • Apricot puree
  • Peach puree
  • Banana puree
  • Plum puree
  • Mango puree

You can see in this post about Parsfaravar frozen fruit puree.

The sale of Alfonso mango puree and concentrate in Parsfaravar is very popular among juice makers.

We also sell pomegranate concentrate juice in aseptic packaging with a useful weight of 265 kg per metal barrel for customers.

Spanish, Italian and Iranian lemon concentrate is sold for the country’s juicers. Also we recommend you please check this link for Iranian pomegranate juice concentrate produced by our company with a high quality of color and natural taste.

buy fruit concentrate

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