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Fruit Juice Concentrate |Top 3 Concentrate Suppliers 2019

Juices are often consumed to maintain health. For example, orange juice contains vitamin C or juice helps digest food. Juice consumption has recently increased in many countries. Juice is considered as a natural source of health improvement, and people are more concerned about improving their health compared to the past. Excessive consumption of juice can increase sugar levels and cause diabetes. It also increases weight. To produce fruit juice, nectar and fruit syrup, they first convert the fruit into a concentrate and then obtain the concentrate of the desired products. The reason for converting juice to concentrate and re-converting it into juices that are available to the consumer is the convenience of keeping the concentrate due to less volume than fruit juice. fruit juice concentrate because of its high shelf life it is very much appreciated by many fruit juice producers.

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Apple Juice Concentrate | Top 3 Most Popular Concentrate

Concentrate is formed by taking water in a solution or suspension, for example by taking water in the fruit and turning it into powder or extract concentrate is formed. The advantage of concentrate production is that by eliminating water, the weight of the foodstuff is reduced and therefore its transportation is easier and less costly. Concentrate is easily recycled and consumed by adding solvent when consumed. Fruit concentrate solvent is usually water. Concentrate and fruit puree are produced from scattered fruits or those that are not marketable due to physical damage. So it has no wonder that its price is lower than fruit. Apple juice concentrate and orange juice concentrate are the most popular concentrates in the market.

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