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Apple Juice Concentrate 70 Brix Price For Wholesale | Kosher Certified Fruit Juice Concentrate

Iranian Apple Juice Concentrate 70º Brix Price produced with Kosher Certified Fruit Juice Concentrate’s standard For Wholesale. Best Fruit Concentrate Price in this site is represented for costumers.

What are the major apples produced in a concentrate plant?

The price of the bulk apple concentrate delivered to the factory has started. We prepare the best red and yellow apples of the season in summer and autumn in Iran, and we customize and produce bulk apple juice concentrate in Iranian juice market, as well as export to other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy, Turkey, U.S., Germany, France, Japan, Austria, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland,  etc. When buying an apple concentrate, be the first to have the best quality of trade.

Apples produced mainly in apple concentrate factories are among the cheapest grade 2 and grade 3 apple orchards, which in some cases are also controversial. After the major harvest of first-class apples and super trees, all kinds of stained apples and small molds that are not very interested in being offered to the fruit and leek market will be sent to concentrate factories. Of course, other additives are not allowed to produce fruit concentrates.

After receiving the production order and collecting orders, which must be at least 100 tons and 200 tons, the concentration factory will start producing apple juice concentrate bulk.

What does apple concentrate contain?

The specifications of the apple concentrate, which contains the brain material, are shown in the image below:

Apple Juice Concentrate 70º Brix Price

Why use apple concentrate?

If you use apple concentrate in your products, you have the following benefits:

  • Use healthy ingredients
  • Allow your “Natural Juice” title to appear on your products
  • As a natural sweetener, it is an alternative to sugar, candy, corn, etc.
  • It gives your products a variety of natural colors and flavors.

Know the uses of apple concentrate

For many who are new to apple concentrate, it is still a question of how to use it. With my experience of visiting our factories in Iran and other countries, I will tell you the following:

  • Juice drinks, fruit cookies, flavored drinks, coffee, tea
  • Dairy products and yogurt
  • Ice cream, fruit juices, fruit cakes and fruit-flavored creams
  • Ingredients for sweets and cakes
  • Salad and syrup sauce and syrup
  • Candy and sugar-flavored cheese
  • Brewing, jelly, sauce and nectar
  • Cakes, apple pie and baking

Factors affecting the quality of apple concentrate

Many factors affect the production of a fruit concentrate. The quality and price of apple concentrate are also affected by raw materials and other factors:

  • The quality of the apples purchased in terms of mold
  • The quality of the apples purchased in terms of apple color
  • The amount of processing of apple concentrate in the operator’s device
  • How to cool the final apple concentrate
  • Apple Concentrate Packaging

For buy fruit juice concentrate and fruit puree you can call our merchants directly.

Buy more than one hundred tons of apple concentrate in the shortest delivery time

Since some merchants have bulk orders, they are eager to know how much delivery time it takes to get more than 100 tons. In these cases, a time between 48 hours and ten days should be considered, which is affected by the following factors:

  • Time to prepare yellow apples for a very clear concentrate
  • Apple production time (which is 100 tons of production capacity per plant per day).
  • Packing and loading time in the refrigerator container
  • Customs clearance
  • The apple juice concentrate 70 brix price in Bulk

Apple Juice Concentrate 70º Brix Price

The price of apple juice concentrate is determined each year in bulk by determining the price of apples used in concentrate production as well as the market price elasticity. Many of the prices of fruit concentrates are determined by the following factors per year.

  • The cost of buying fresh apples
  • The cost of transporting apples to the concentration plant
  • Production fees set by the board of directors each year
  • The cost of packing new or old metal barrels and spastic bags
  • Competitive price of other concentration producers
  • Purchase price of apple concentrate exports

Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group is one of the Bulk fruit juice suppliers in the world. In this company target is to trading the best fruit concentrate and fruit purees. You can buy fruit juice concentrate with high quality from this company.

We are in the fall of 2019 and we are announcing the price of first class apple concentrate with Brix 70 for 1100 $ per ton for more than 20 tonnage orders. If you are after this time and you are reading this article, please contact us at any time and inquire about the daily apple juice concentrate price.

The key to buying fruit concentrate at a good price is business communication and ensuring the quality of Iranian product production. In order to compete in exports, it is better to have enough information about the global price of apple juice concentrate so that you can have wholesale and profitable sales in the target market.

Sell summer fruit concentrate

Apple Juice Concentrate 70º Brix Price

Since there are many summer fruits in Iran, the following summer fruit concentrate can be sold at a very reasonable price in Iran:

  • Cherry Juice Concentrate
  • Apple Juice Concentrate
  • Peach Juice Concentrate
  • Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Cantaloupe Juice Concentrate
  • Plum Juice Concentrate
  • Raspberry Juice Concentrate
  • Peach Juice Puree
  • Apricot Puree
  • Plums Puree

Fruit juice concentrates in Iran are produced in accordance with the latest methods and technology of the world’s modern factory designed by German and Italian companies.

Many export customers of Parsfaravar Company offer their orders every time by increasing the amount of the order in the next cases or requesting the custom production of fruit concentrate.

But it is interesting to know that the price of fruit concentrate in Iran is sometimes lower than the global price of fruit concentrate, and this is a great advantage for the buyer of fruit concentrate to provide all kinds of fruit concentrate at a better price from Iran.

Selling pomegranate, lemon, orange, apple etc. concentrates are also among the best-selling types of our fruit concentrate, through which you can receive a sample of fruit juice concentrates.

Apple Juice Concentrate 70º Brix Price

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