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Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers with High Quality | Iranian Fruit Concentrate Brix 65

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers in the world are watering fresh fruits for juicing, backing, chocolate, ice cream, smoothies, … Parsfaravar Co. is the biggest mother company in Industrial Business Fruit Group.

You know what is juice concentrate?

Juice concentrate is extracted from fruit water and concentrated on vacuum conditions.

Is juice from concentrate bad for you?

Many people ask this question that “Is juice from concentrate bad for you?”. In the factory of producing fruit concentrate, water of fruits concentrated none-addictive. Also some factories unallowable add sugar or starch to concentrate and purees. Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group is works under the full supervision of the World Health Organization in accordance with ISO standards.

Does juice from concentrate have added sugar?

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers

If add sugar to producing fruit concentrate its suitable for producing Alcoholic fruit concentrate. Fruit concentrate is used for real juice production.

Which fruit juice is best for you?


We say all the nutrients in the fruit concentrate are necessary for the body. Vitamins in fruit concentrates, which are the same vitamins in fruits, are the most important nutrient.

While 100% fruit juices are much better than sugary sodas, pomegranate juice and sour-cherry concentrate and red-plum concentrate according to a UCLA study based on levels of antioxidants. Sour concentrates almost are better for Hematologist organisms.

Recent studies have proven the antioxidant properties of this fruit. Therefore, both pure Iranian pomegranate juice and Pomegranate Concentrate blended with other fruit juices such ass red-plum concentrate are ideal. If Pomegranate Concentrate with Brix 65 is added to other juice concentrates, it will improve the properties of the juice or drink which results, due to its medicinal properties.

The pomegranate is the most powerful antioxidant of all fruits,

  • it reduces heart-attack, stroke and embolic disease risk;
  • it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure,
  • it is a potent anti-Cancer,
  • it has immune supporting effects,
  • it helps reduce anemia symptoms,
  • it curbs risk of delivering premature babies,
  • it lowers dental plaque, it provides relief from stomach disorders,
  • it provides a youthful and glowing skin,
  • and it may even have benefits to protect against depression and osteoporosis.

Properties and Benefits of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers in a specific factory for extracting pomegranate’s water working and producing aseptic pomegranate concentrates.

Pomegranate’s nutrient composition is the following:

  1. 16% dietary fiber,
  2. 6% carbohydrates,
  3. 4% calories
  4. and 3% protein; its vitamin composition is: 21% vitamin K, 17% vitamin C, 10% folate, and 4% vitamin B6;
  5. and its mineral composition is: 8% copper, 7% potassium, 6% manganese, and 4% phosphorus.

Therefore, it is a really healthy fruit, full of essential ingredients for human beings.

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate- Experienced Suppliers

Fresh pomegranates are collected and processed in processing located in Iran.

There, pomegranate NFC Juice, pomegranate juice concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, pomegranate puree and pomegranate essential oil, is elaborated upon demand.

It is then packaged in its corresponding container, depending on whether it will be sent frozen or aseptic, and distributed to our customers worldwide with metal barrels pelleted. Once it reaches their hands, a follow-up is done to ensure that we have met our client’s expectations, since feedback is a must for any company to keep improving every day.

It keeps in – 18 degree Centigrade on freezing rooms.

We provide a wide range of Juice & Concentrate, which is made from fresh fruits pulp. Our fresh fruits juices like blue grape juice and pomegranate juice are highly rich in vitamins and come in air proof packaging so as to protect them from moisture and further, to retain the flavor of our juices.

We are popularly known as one of the renowned fresh pomegranate juice manufacturers and our juices are available at the most better prices. Moreover, we are also counted among the top fruit juice concentrate suppliers in Iran, India, China, Spain , …

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers of Parsfaravar Co. produce every batch of production right on standards.

Fruit juice concentrate suppliers India, Iran with Parsfaravar Co. brands are ready for loading and transporting to your country. Our conditions of trading are FOB, Ex-Work, CFR, CFA, … Buy fruit juice concentrate in bulk and some containers at first for starting our trading negotiations. Apple juice suppliers have the best Iranian red delicious and golden delicious apple’s water concentrated for your juice factories.

Better know fruit concentrate companies

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers

Iranian fruit concentrate companies with name of Parsfaravar Co. produces with German methods and high quality fruit concentrates and fruit purees. Fruit juice concentrate base has a high technology of producing continuously with 10.000 tons per year.

Natural fruit concentrate of Parsfaravar Co. is one of the best juices in the world. We provide it for many costumers of all over the world to produce organic juices with high Nutritional Value. If its a question for you that “Is juice from concentrate good for you?” must say yes and its very demanded to human’s body. Fruit juice concentrate effects on the body like a real fresh fruit.

Fruit juice concentrate bulk produced and packed in aseptic bags with at least 2 years shelf life.

One of the newest applications of fruit concentrate, is fruit concentrate for smoothies. Mixing of some fruit concentrate and fruit purees makes a tasty smoothie. Some of fruit purees and concentrates use for it:

  • Apple puree
  • Banana puree
  • Mango pulp
  • Plum puree
  • Plum concentrate
  • Grape concentrate
  • Strawberry puree
  • Pineapple concentrate

Frozen fruit concentrate makes sure factory’s managers confidence for 3 to 6 months production materials. Bulk juice concentrates of Parsfaravar Co. produces for costumers and send them every country they are.

As you may know pomegranate concentrate uses for juicing and backing and chocolate producing. Concentrated juice suppliers try to produce every fruit concentrates in the season of harvesting, almost spring and summer time.

A juice supplier tries to pack a user friendly packing. However, a fruit concentrate manufacturer does its best to produce different types of fruit concentrate with good quality. That is why most of the quality of the juice produced today is concentrated in the fruit concentrate companies.

Aseptic juice concentrate and fruit purees uses for Carbonated Drinks and nectar. In fruit nectar production, fruit concentrate or fruit puree is mixed with a variety of fruit pulp and fruit dice and fruit crush.

Iranian orange juice concentrate frozen

Iran is a very big country in terms of climate and variety of fruits. Oranges are grown in large quantities in northern and southern Iran. Parsfaravar‘s Co. specialized factory in producing orange juice concentrate frozen every year is one of the main sources of sales of orange concentrate with good color and taste.

Pomegranate juice concentrate manufacturers

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