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buy prunes in bulk Price in 2019

prunes are a well known  product among people who buy  prunes in bulk for different purposes. Neyshabur, Maragheh, Mashhad are the largest producer and exporter of dried plums to different locations and other prunes in bulk Price in 2019

Types of prunes

Types of prunes

prunes can be divided into two major groups: Japanese prunes that are relatively round and European prunes that are tall. European or Italian prunes are sometimes referred to as “fresh plums”. Its dried varieties, which are sold as prunes, have a long form.

Japanese prunes can be divided into red prunes, black prunes and yellow plum. Both black and yellow prunes have purple flesh and are beneath the skin.

prunes varieties:

 The types of plates are:


As shown in the picture, like many Japanese black prunes, their color is bright red to dark purple and the color inside is yellow. These prunes are sweet. I like to use these prunes, because when they arrive, they have more texture than other types of prunes. When you cook the black prunes, it paints the whole purple.

European prunes:

The prunes shown in this picture are European prunes and are longer than Japanese prunes. These prunes are large and have a sweeter taste. These prunes dry well.

You may see that other European prunes are sold as Italian prunes, French plums and “fresh prunes” because they are used to produce dried fruit. This type of prunes is often referred to as the “prunes candy”.

Green prunes:

Green prunes is a common plum in France. As you might guess, this prunes belongs to the group of European prunes. Its skin is green and its flesh is yellowish green. Its flavor is similar to that of honey.

prunes Gold Drop:

This prunes is small and sweet and reddish in color and is used in France to make ado. These prunes are the sweetest prunes.

Red prunes:

Red prunes is named because it has bright red skin. Some of them, such as Santa Rosa, have amber fruits and others have red fruits and light red meat. The skin creates a balance in its taste. When plated, this prunes is very soft. Therefore, it is not suitable for travel. The elephant’s heart is another type of red prunes. Like other prunes, it can be used to make jams.

Yellow prunes :

Inside and out is this yellow prunes. These prunes are juicy and have a soft texture. Its ripe somewhat clear.

Wholesalers of prunes in Asia

The export terms and conditions of prices of prunes varieties must be complied by law in countries so that a company can export its varieties abroad.

Because this product has been a good cure for stomach and liver diseases. So those who are involved with these diseases should consume this product on the market.

Wholesalers in prunes in Asia are also carried out by various organs and after many tests are sent to the buyer countries. Domestic cultivation of this crop is more prosperous in mountainous areas. This product contains:

  • Dietary fiber
  • And vitamin C
  • And beta-carotene
  • Iron
  • potassium

And other materials. This product is considered a dry product.

Cheap prunes for seal

Cheap prunes for seal

Pricing of Wholesalers prunes in the market is done according to different conditions.

These include:

  • Plum production rate per year
  • Plum quality
  • How to process plums
  • Plum export rate

All of these are influential in the pricing of prunes varieties in the market and customers can purchase the product at a reasonable price according to these conditions.

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