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frozen fruit puree price |Iranian fruit puree brands in wholesale

Juice pulps and purees are the best productions of a fruit water and flesh. Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruit Group is one of the best companies in processed fruit in factories. Fruit puree uses for pastry, juice, ice-creaming , … with every flavors.

Fruit puree for drinks in your factory

Frozen fruit puree supplier is one of the sources of drink producers. one of the best frozen fruit puree supplier in the world have programmed to produce every fruits concentrate and fruit purees for wholesale to other factories like juice, pastry, fruit-roll and …

frozen fruit puree price

Organic fruit puree wholesale and high quality taste

Organic fruit puree wholesale in Iran using selected local Iranian ripe Organic fruit and preparing them in tow method warm and cold. In warm method, we preparing fruit purees in minimal heat conditions. so the fruit retains all of its natural goodness. Under vacuum process facilities of factory we produce upper than 10.000 tons of fruit purees and fruit concentrates with aseptic bag in metal barrels and palatalized for transporting well conditions.

In cold-method we produce fruit purees without warm heating and its a new technology for producing fruit purees with natural Brix of fruits. For example we have such below fruit purees with natural Brix of fruits:

  • Apple puree
  • Cantaloupes puree
  • Strawberry puree
  • Peach puree
  • Prune puree
  • Mango puree

frozen fruit puree price

Fruit puree brands such a known name

You when want to purchase a batch mount of fruit purees, looking for fruit puree brands and factories such a known name. In Iran Parsfaravr is the biggest name of fruit concentrate and fruit purees producer.

You should know that at Parsfaravar Industrial Business Fruits Company, a collection of arable land that produces direct plant and fruit trees under the direct supervision of the Iranian Agricultural Engineering branch of the company. Varieties of cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, apples, barberry, pomegranates, apricots, peaches, bananas, mango, etc. are used in the production of puree and concentrate products.

Each season freshly produced fresh fruit is used to produce fruit juices (like fruit puree and fruit concentrate). In the spring we produce strawberry puree, apple puree, cherry concentrate, plum concentrate and puree plum and so on and in the summer season we continue to produce varieties of cantaloupe puree, grape concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, apple concentrate, barberry concentrate, We use peach puree, apricot puree, grapefruit concentrate and so on.

frozen fruit puree price

Fruit puree price Iran

We are the supplier of fresh and frozen fruit, for professionals in the food industry; Fresh fruits, Fruit purees, Fruit concentrates. We hope you choose us because of many fruit puree manufacturers that we have in Iran. many types of purees you want to produce juice from them we have them. also we have fruit pulp manufacturers such as mango pulp that is so delicious and colorfully liked by people. Some costumers call apple puree apple pulp. We have two kinds of apple pulp manufacturer in Iran that produce with two specifications:

  1. Apple puree Brix 36 – 38
  2. Apple puree Brix 16 (natural brix of apple, cold-method production)

Apple puree or apple pulp with Brix 36 – 38 has warmed on vacuum conditions in 12 hrs almost. It’s suitable for Fruit-roll productions and have a suitable slickness. It has many carbohydrate and natural sweet for productions like ice-cream, fruit-roll, bakery, pastry, smoothies , …

Frozen fruit puree in all kinds of tastes has produced in a new technology for whom wants the best quality on a good price. The difference between puree and concentrate is their concentration. The amount of condensation done for the types of fruit suitable for pureeing is different from the types of fruit that become fruit concentrates. A characteristic called Brix in the range of 10 to 40 is usually standard for fruit puree and range from 65 to 70 for fruit concentrate.

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