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Manufacture of Zahedi and Pyarom South Date Palm Juice Concentrate Suppliers

Manufacture of date concentrate, which uses a variety of varieties such as Zahedi, Pyaram and Kabkab, etc., are among the best-selling products in the market and large stores with different brands. Suppliers of Date concentrate is also called date palm sugar.

Manufacture of date concentrate

High source of Fibers, Iron and Calories. Date concentrate is enriched with vitamins, minerals, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are advantageous for health.

Production of dyed palm concentrate

The south of Iran should be considered the center of many types of date varieties and its products such as date juice and date concentrate. For many, it’s a good idea to consider dates for concentrates or date juices.

Usually, when we are in the date season, the date juice is juicy and its nectar causes better consistency and provides a good and tasty date concentrate. Date juice concentrate production is very useful for using natural sugar and fructose syrup. Painted date concentrate has a clearer color.

In traditional medicine, too, if there is no mention of sugar, it is often recommended to consume dates and their products.

What is date sugar?

In answer to the question of what is date sugar, it should be said that it is the same as industrial date juice or date concentrate.

Dates have a very high sweetness and it is used as a natural and organic sugar in the confectionery and chocolate industry.

You can use many types of date concentrate in preparing many foods such as halva, ice cream, etc.

Date sugar production is done under the direct supervision of Pars Faravar technical experts. Date concentrate is also called date sugar.

Date Concentrate Usages

  • It Uses as Natural sweetener in Beverages
  • Use as Natural and delicious Flavors for drink, baby foods, puffed foods, baking foods, ice creams, dairy shakes, sweat breads
  • Use for Daily Soft Drinks None-Alcoholic & Alcoholic
  • Use for candy filling, dessert, Smoothies, breakfast cereal, yogurt flavoring, date syrup

Remember juicy dates have a natural sweetness don’t need sugar addition.

Transparent Rabbi date concentrate price

Manufacture of date concentrate

The price of date concentrate varies in different types such as Rabbi dates for different seasons of the year and has fluctuated a lot in some years.

The price of date juice sugar or date concentrate is offered in the following two types:

  1. The date concentrate is discolored
  2. Date concentrate is not discolored

To inquire about the price of date concentrate or date sugar, it is better to contact the sales and business experts.

Date Concentrate Packaging

You can purchase in bulk with a very good price of Date Juice Concentrate on below weights:

  • Industrial(Bulk) Pack: Gallons of 29 kg & Drums of 235 kg
  • Customer(Retail) Pack: Crystal Bottle of 250 ml,300 ml,400 ml,600 ml

Manufacture of date concentrate

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