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Concentrate supplier | orange juice concentrate price

You’ve always seen when you bought a supermarket or supermarket that sold packages called “fruit concentrates” in store shelves. Have you thought about what this is, what is the concentration? Is the juice concentrate the same? The answer is no. Concentrate is a concentrated juice that has been produced at various stages. It can also be made at home for the production of concentrate, or it can be produced at large factories. First, they buy the fruit, then wash it and then remove the skin and its core and squeeze it off the water and filter that thick water several times to make it clear and in the stage The latter boils it and adds sugar and vitamins to the fruit.In Iran, Concentrate supplier has been producing concentrate from various fruits such as pomegranate, orange, peach and cherry, apple and banana, pineapple and banana.

Concentrate supplier | orange juice concentrate price

What is fruit concentrate?

Concentrated concentrate is used as a ready-made food for thirst and strengthening the body through the delivery of various vitamins. Consumption of juices is a great use as a beverage. Fruit juices are beneficial for the body because of the variety of vitamins, because it is not always possible to use fresh fruit, but juices can be used in various packaging during daily use. In addition, a variety of fruit syrups are served as a common drink. Major concentrate consumption in fruit juice and beverage industry. cranberry concentrate is one of the most popular drinks in the hot seasons in Iran.

Concentrate supplier | orange juice concentrate price

fruit juice concentrate effects on the body

fruit juice concentrate effects on the body One of the questions that many people may have to ask is whether the nutritional value of concentrate-based juices does not go down due to the amount of juice that is fed during the production of concentrate? The answer is that the design of the process and the condensing devices is such that juice will have the least degradation in nutrients and flavors. In addition, manufacturers have added a certain amount of this vitamin, or the same ascorbic acid, to formulate their own products to prevent degradation and a slight deterioration of the degradation and the return of the level of vitamins sensitive to heat, such as vitamin C to normal levels. In this way, the amount of vitamin C that is lost due to the heat generated by the production of concentrate or pasteurization, returns to its normal state and maintains the nutritional value of the juices.

Concentrate supplier | orange juice concentrate price

Does juice concentrate have added sugar?

The concentrate in terms of juice contains at least 20% juice, or the equivalent of concentrate and water, and contains other substances such as sugar, edible acid, flavoring and natural color. The use of natural sweeteners in these products is strictly limited to sucrose (sugar), glucose, fructose, invert syrup and high fructose corn syrup. Strawberry concentrate Suitable for those who are fond of strawberry fruit. Iran, as one of the largest producers of concentrate in the world, has been able to export its products to other countries and to account for a huge share of the country’s economy. These concentrates are sold in Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait.

Concentrate supplier | orange juice concentrate price

where is fruit juice concentrate found

It can be said that one of the most popular and most popular beverages in Iran , especially in the warm season, is fruit concentrates. But the question is, where do these constants come from ? These constants can be purchased from all chain stores and all supermarkets and grocery stores. If you go out in the summer, you will see shops selling natural juices in all parts of the city. These shops are provided and sold by the customer in the presence of the customer . concentrated juice manufacturers Has gained customer satisfaction . Concentrate supplier are so many in the world. In Iran, Concentrate supplier sell their products in high quality and lower prices.

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